Vernonia Marathon Race Recap – 2018

via Vernonia Marathon Race Recap – 2018

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Look at this beautiful display of staff.

Many thanks to our parent volunteer, Amy S.,  who created a gorgious display case with the names of all those who nurture the students of CSS. IMG_7932 2

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Inclusion Video

I found this video online and wanted to share it with you.  This is made by the Cerebral Palsy Association and is well done.  It talks about how to be inclusive of students with disabilities and a curriculum that has been developed to help teachers make their classrooms welcoming to all.  I thought it was interesting that making a classroom welcoming starts with “hello.”   After all that is easy enough to say.

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Halloween Trivia

Tuesday Trivia – Halloween.

by Mike Strobel

Halloween can be traced back more than 2000 years to the Druids in Ireland, Britain and Northern Europe. The feast on October 31, the last day of the Celtic calendar, was a pagan holiday to celebrate the dead. All Hallows Eve was the feast of Samhain, which is summers end, a harvest festival. The Celts believed the souls of the dead roamed the streets on this night, and since not all spirits were friendly, gifts and treats were left out to make them happy and ensure a good crop the following year.

The tradition of a bonfire was to ward off evil spirits. Likewise, people used to place candles in carved out turnips to keep away spirits on the Samhain holiday. In America, this switched to a local gourd, the pumpkin.

The fear of Halloween is known as Samhnainophobia.

Did you know that Tootsie Rolls were the wrapped penny candy in America.

Halloween is the second most commercially successful holiday, behind Christmas.

Snickers (my favorite) is the most popular candy with trick-or-treaters.

The reason we wear masks on Halloween is because the ancient Celts believed that ghosts roamed the land on Halloween night and the Celts started wearing masks to avoid being seen as human (hiding from the ghosts).

Halloween candy, with all the weight and teeth issues that goes with it, averages about 2 billion dollars in sales each year in the US.

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Bring a water bottle to PE class and save a cup.

Save a tree and quench your thirst.  Remember the water bottle on PE days.  

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News Story | Bend seminar takes aim at obesity

On Friday the 13th of October, when students had the day off, many teacher like myself went to the SHAPE Conference in Bend, Oregon. I found the experience very inspiring.  I took workshops on dance that helped me feel more confident to facilitate the dance unit last week with 7th and 8th graders at CSS.


Source: News Story | Bend seminar takes aim at obesity

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What happened this week in PE

Just a quick update on some of the happenings from the PE department at CSS.  Today, Friday, the 7th and 8th graders ran the mile run.  I am always so impressed how hard the kids push themselves to give their best effort. Our students inspire me and I was glad to get to run the mile with my 7th graders today.  I was able to do this because I had a parent volunteer in the gym today and helped record run times.

I want to let parents know they are welcome to come to PE class to help or play with their child.  I have been lucky enough to have a couple of parents take me up on the offer and it has been fun to have an extra set of helping hands. Please let me know if you would like to come.  You can reach me at

This week was the dance unit for the 7th and 8th graders who choose the music and moves to a song.  They worked alone or in groups of their choosing.  

3rd-5th graders worked on football throwing skills and some of the vocabulary that goes along with that game.   Words like spiral, hike, center and quarterback to name a few. Image 10-26-17 at 10.35 PM

K-2 played Sharks and Minnows and Gotcha the bean-bag game.  Today the weather was so nice we got outside to play a little with the parachute. Parachute over CSS.jpg

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3-5th grade…What is happeing in PE this week?

Image 10-26-17 at 10.35 PM.jpg


Football is a popular recess game at Creative Science School. There is intrigue and confusion over how the game is played. Many young kids think it is funny to bend over and toss the ball between their legs when another student says “hike.” This week we have had a chance to practice some basic skills with Nerf footballs. I was all smiles when Katy’s 3rd grade class came today. They participated with a nice combination of following my tips and accepting the mixed results typical of students learning a new skill. With the practice came giggles and new vocabulary. Words like spiral, opposition, hike, center and quarterback all come up as kids experiment by doing and having fun while throwing this oddly shaped ball.

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Just Dance Songs this Week

Here is a song K-5 we are moving to this week in PE.  You don’t need a fancy TV or gaming device to move to these fun songs at home.  Just click on Youtube and type in a song title such as Monster Mash and follow along to the dance moves.






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Race Preview: 2017 Miller Woods Give a Little 10k (McMinnville)

Source: Race Preview: 2017 Miller Woods Give a Little 10k (McMinnville)

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