Ms. Ashley’s Class or inventors.

NoodleHockeyNoodle4DanceToday the kindergarteners played with noodles.  The main event was to move to music with the Lunar New Year Dance of the Dragon but other uses for the noodle were invented today.  Notice one person used the noodle much like a baton for dance and another for hockey as a stick.

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Ms. Dingus Class 3rd grade class

PresidentsinstantRelaxToday Ms. Dingus class ended class with relaxation.  It is amazing how they have taken to this time of calming their mind and bodies before returning to class.  I also noticed that after Dress as a Historical Figure Day that some of the students are drawn to the poster of the presidents that is near the drinking fountain.  I am always looking for ways to have learning happen across the curriculum / day of the student.  If you have ideas of posters to share let me know.  I can be reached at

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Mr Post’s Class

PostsDragonMr Post’s class kept with our theme of Chinese New Years by playing the game that uses the Great Wall of China.  Chinese Wall is a favorite of students who have to navigate avoiding being tagged when crossing the middle of the gym.  If tagged they are then another tagger on the Great Wall.  Kids love it.

The students also moved to music while taking turns being the head of the dragon while connected by a line of pool noodles.  We were lucky to have three students from the general education class come in and play with the kids.  It helps to have some reverse mainstreaming to help our students make new friends.  I hope that the students who help will also reach out to these kids and say “hi” when they see them in the hall or at recess.

One of our students discovered a way to attach the noodle to his pants so that it looked like you have a tail.  As a result the whole class played a game of everyone is it tag and the goal was to try to get someones tail while others were trying to get yours.  This ended in hearty laughs and giggles.  Fun for all.

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Mr Colvin’s Class Tries Chinese Jump Bands

chineseJumpBandsThe weather was dry and warm for February 25th.  While many people across the country are experiencing snow we were free to play on the grass today.  The kids in Mr. Colvin’s 5th grade class tried Chinese Jump Bands in which they had to create a patten with a partner to jump.  It is much like Tinikling which is done with bamboo poles.  There was one group that did a great job of finding a creative way to work the bands and I hope to see them show the class next time we meet.  Other’s discovered that this was challenging and that they like traditional sports more.  It is good for students to learn there are many ways to get exercise besides team sports.  As an adult it can be difficult to find a group of people to make a team.   Although some students would love to play the same three games all year long the PE community looks to provide a variety of experiences to growing students.  The hope is that at least one will resonate with them and that they can find their way to connect with their inter-athlete.

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Students teaching students how to pass a rugby ball.

StudentsTeachingToday we had a brave student speak in  Mr Richner’s PE class about how to play Rugby.  Most of the student had not had any experience with Rugby and were all excited to learn how to pass the ball.  Students also learned how hard it is to keep the attention of the class.  Lots of skills learned when learning to teach your peers.  Glad that students feel safe to risk and share here in this setting giving them experience for their future at middle school.  I am proud of these students.

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Mindfulness and Relaxation

We have started a stretch routine at the end of class. Now class starts right away with activity. This elevates their heart rates right away and starts getting their “silly’s out.” This week has been about Lunar New year and all things Chinese. We have the large beautiful flags from six countries on display around the gym. The students are learning the names of the countries they represent. We have Ribbons to move to music with and even play Chinese Wall reviewing The Great Wall of China. We have also attempted a few versions of Dragon Dances that have been made from fabric, noodles or balloons. With any luck we might even try Chinese Jump Rope by the end of the week. Remember that game?

Back to the relaxation. At the end of the class we stretch and work on quieting our minds and bodies. To be reflective and to notice how the body feels when calm. Yesterday we talked about the movie Frozen and how Olof wants to go some place warm. In much the same way we have to use good self talk to insure we make choices that are “thoughtful.”


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5th/4th Graders invent a game and teach it to the rest of the class.

We did things differently yesterday.  Mr Colvin’s/ Ms. Kohn’s students played the role of teacher.  They were put in small groups, given equipment and assigned to make up a game.  I was so impressed with the higher level thinking that they used to work together and make a game that worked in the short amount of time.  Students gave instructions and kept their peers engaged and listening.  Days like this give me hope in our future.

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Batting Tee Fundamentals

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    Students have been working on striking skills.  Learning to hit a ball off a batting tee prior to playing in the game of baseball (using a plastic ball).  The rules learned in kickball were a great way to … Continue reading

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Portland Parks and Recreation / Mt Scott Basketball League Play

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Friday Feb. 7th marked the first game of the season for some of our 4th grade boys.  More games ahead.  Great fun to watch the kids on the court and their siblings on the sidelines.  If you want to put a … Continue reading

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Groundhog’s Day

How many weeks until spring?   Not sure but I do know we will play a groundhog game this week that involves Sunshine, Shadows and Children acting like Critters.  This week the Miler’s club will meet on Tuesday afternoon and is a great way to get out some extra energy before heading home.  Chinese New Years is coming up on February 19th and we will work on moving to music using ribbons and scarfs.  If you would like to help create some long ribbon’s let me know.

Please remind your child to wear or bring tennis shoes on PE day for their safety.  If there is difficulty with this please let me know.  I have some loaner shoe collection and am willing to make sure their size is available.  I want everyone to be able be able to engage fully while with every effort to keep our students safe and successful.thimages-4

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