Learning the body mechanics of rolling a ball. 

Playing a one pen bowling game students learn to roll a ball  with opposition.  For many students that means a step first with their left foot to lower their body and place the ball on the floor w/right hand. The following are a few student in @Lewisroomten Mrs Brennen’s class

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New Hula Hoop from #Moodhoops is a hit with students.

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Mark Hansen’s 3rd graders tried my new Hula Hoop in a darkened gym this week.  Here are the photos.  I hope you enjoy them and that students can identify them self to you.  I was surprised the #Painting #with #Light worked using just an iPad.


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Dana Jacobsen’s Painting with Light

This gallery contains 6 photos.


Painting with light after school today.

Paining with Light

Paining with Light

dsc_0092 dsc_0093 dsc_0094 dsc_0095 dsc_0086 dsc_0087 dsc_0088 dsc_0089 dsc_0090Here are a few shots students with their parent made after school. One family thought that in light of current events LOVE has been on all our mines.

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Painting with light in PE.  Room 1 gets the hang of slow shutter app and Light Sabers.

One of the students of room one has asked me to post these photos so he may show his parents what he did in #PE.  He said he notice some photos show on the #TV (monitor) in the hall and wondered if thos same photos are on all #tvs?  I love the curiosity of the kindergarteners. 

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How to be Successful in Physical Education?

Conferences today at Lewis school so I thought I would write up a few ideas on how to be successful in PE since I can’t get to all the conferences

Physical Education

Lewis Elementary

How to help your child be more successful in physical education?

1.  Help Child Be Prepared:

Make sure your child come to school/class with tennis shoes on their PE days.  They can change into them for class if they don’t want to wear them all day.

2.  Know child’s PE day:        Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday

(circle the two that apply)

3.  Talk about what happens in PE.  If your child doesn’t remember you can look to the twitter feed of the PE teacher Twitter@GymJumpRun

and or subscribe to on line PE Newsletter @ mlaymanPE@wordpress.com the

4.  Exercise as a family. It can be as simple as taking a walk after dinner or as soon as getting home from school.

5.  Talk about why exercise is an important part of everyones day.   From grandma working on balance to kids trying to find a way to manage their extra energy.  We all need to care for our body.

6.  Track your steps and let children see this process.  You can use an app on your phone or just put a star on the calendar the days you exercise for 30 minutes.

7.  Talk about food as fuel and the importance of vegetables and fruit in their daily meals.

8.  Volunteer to be a jump rope turner in gym or at lunch recess in order to see and encourage activity.

9.  Check in with the PE teacher from time to time.  Communication is always helpful to feeling connected with the goals and life skills worked on in PE.  Mlayman@pps.net

10.  Practice some basic skills with your kids like playing catch, batting a balloon or beachball around the house or yard.  Having a jump rope at home or hula hoop can inspired a child to choose to get their wiggles out on a weekend even if for just a few minutes.

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Jamesbarry, Sarah’s Class in PE

Sarah’s class did some painting with light using Light Saber’s.  We make a long exposure with the camera that creates the effect of painting with light.  Other photos were taken of some hand eye coordination activities that included balloons outside.

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Teacher Chully Class in PE

The kindergarteners are getting to experiment with the parachute and balloon’s.  It has been unseasonably warm a wonderful this November and as a result we get some time doing some unexpected like play outside.    We have also been working on striking balloons and beachballs as a lead-up to volleyball skill development.

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Mr Richner’s class in PE with Frisbee

Mr Richner’s class has gotten out for Frisbee this fall.  They are working on how to catch and throw.  I have noticed that some of the kids have come in with a number of skills while others have had very little experience.  This activity creates a chance to have peers modeling and practice the flick of the wrist and keep the disk level.  The photos here are some of the students trying to cross the field without having a drop in passing.  They can’t run with the Frisbee and must get to the fence with a number of consecutive completed passes.

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Frisbee Practice in Ms Kennedy’s Class

After an October filled with buckets of rain we have hit a dry patch and been able to get outside and play a little Frisbee.  This is such a good leisure activity to learn because it is a life long recreational activity that can be enjoyed for years to come.  I figure if kids can get the hang of it young they will be more likely to be comfortable to pick up and play in the future when maybe they would be more self-conscious.  Confidence early can lead to more activity later as teenagers and beyond.

Recently many of the neighboring #PE teachers gathered for an in service with the professional Ultimate Frisbee Team from Portland and got some ideas on how to encourage youngsters to play.  One challenge / game we have tried is to pass the disk to each other moving across the field with each completed pass.  This can lead to wonderful challenge to not drop the pass. I have been delighted to see kids react with appropriate levels of giggly frustration to come so close to finishing and then drop a pass.  This kind of lightness in accomplishing such tasks will take these kids a long way.

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