Last day with my Student Teacher

My last day with my Student Teacher from Woodstock School.  Ms. Krill has been working at Woodstock while getting her PE Endorsement.  She has been spending time in my classes this spring and finished her last day today.  I will be sorry to see her go as she has been a great resource for me.  Working with another adult in the class can be an opportunity to bounce ideas and perceptions off of.  Sometimes having a witness to what happened and how to adjust how information is given, transitions are executed and behaviors are modified, encouraged or extinguished is best done as part of a team.  I hope I have helped her to start her career as a PE Teacher and that talking about best practices has helped me to grow stronger in reaching our students.

This morning we used the Strava App to create a letter.  We ran as a group following the leader with the GPS/ Phone and created an “M.”  Students from Ms. Logue’s class were excited to be running.  It reminds me that it is important to mix up exercise up in order to keep it fresh. Not only in my workouts but in those of my students.  I am hoping that we might be able to expand on this idea of using phones and apps in PE.  I might have to look at some other apps that are better about constantly creating a map as several classes were disappointed when something happened that kept the phone from recording.


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