Using Strava in PE to track exercise

Excited today because I shared my favorite iPhone/iPad app with students, the Strava app that tracks your exercise. After your walk/run the app generates a map that indicates your distance traveled and mile-per-hour pace.  

The students love looking at the map and recognized their path to school or street. We also talked a little about math and how far .2 of a mile is and that it is less than one mile because of the decimal point. Generating questions like, “Is .3 more or less than …?” and challenges to make a route different than what was done in the prior class.

I was happy that one of my students who has been a reluctant participant was intrigued and engaged. She wanted to carry the phone/GPS device as we ran around the field. It was a pleasure to choose her too for the special honor in hopes the experience would have maximum impact.

With one of the classes today we noticed tracking recorded only half the route. This was a little disappointing, not unlike what sometimes happens in real life and part of the curriculum. This handling of uncomfortable situations is a “life skill.” Talking about these skills is a way of keeping “Education” part of Physical “Education.” Not everyone realizes that PE is more than fun and games, but part of class is covering real life topics of coping, handling disappointment and “playing well with others.”

This weekend my cousin, who is an educator, came to town from Texas and she talked about all of the workshops she has been attending for the Dallas School District on Social and Emotional Well Being. I understand they are big buzz words in the schools back there. This helps validate my strong feelings of the importance of this kind of work here in our lovely Lewis Community while in PE Class.


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