Frisbee Practice in Ms Kennedy’s Class

After an October filled with buckets of rain we have hit a dry patch and been able to get outside and play a little Frisbee.  This is such a good leisure activity to learn because it is a life long recreational activity that can be enjoyed for years to come.  I figure if kids can get the hang of it young they will be more likely to be comfortable to pick up and play in the future when maybe they would be more self-conscious.  Confidence early can lead to more activity later as teenagers and beyond.

Recently many of the neighboring #PE teachers gathered for an in service with the professional Ultimate Frisbee Team from Portland and got some ideas on how to encourage youngsters to play.  One challenge / game we have tried is to pass the disk to each other moving across the field with each completed pass.  This can lead to wonderful challenge to not drop the pass. I have been delighted to see kids react with appropriate levels of giggly frustration to come so close to finishing and then drop a pass.  This kind of lightness in accomplishing such tasks will take these kids a long way.

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