Welcome back from spring vacation!!!

I looking forward to returning to the Lewis Community.  Hearing how people spent their time and got their exercise.  If you have photos of your child doing something physical that you want to share I will put photos on this site.  Just email a photo or two at mlayman@pps.net  In the mean time I have a few photos bellow that I will share from my recent adventures.

Looking forward to sharing some new equipment I was able to procure at the national physical education conference.  One of the most exciting games was Spike Ball.  images

Spike Ball is kind of a cross of Volleyball and 4 Square.  I will be interested to see how the students like the game.

Soon we will start an Orienteering unit.  This will require map reading and knowing our directions and points on a compass.  It this is something you would like to be a part of I would welcome you.  It can be a fun way to volunteer in the room that is sometimes overlooked.  The children enjoy the extra attention and adult support.

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Teaching k-8 physical education at Creative Science School. This is a special focus school where children learn by doing. Previously I was at Lewis and my site is being updated. Follow me on Twitter at GymJumpRun.
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