Mr Post’s Class

PostsDragonMr Post’s class kept with our theme of Chinese New Years by playing the game that uses the Great Wall of China.  Chinese Wall is a favorite of students who have to navigate avoiding being tagged when crossing the middle of the gym.  If tagged they are then another tagger on the Great Wall.  Kids love it.

The students also moved to music while taking turns being the head of the dragon while connected by a line of pool noodles.  We were lucky to have three students from the general education class come in and play with the kids.  It helps to have some reverse mainstreaming to help our students make new friends.  I hope that the students who help will also reach out to these kids and say “hi” when they see them in the hall or at recess.

One of our students discovered a way to attach the noodle to his pants so that it looked like you have a tail.  As a result the whole class played a game of everyone is it tag and the goal was to try to get someones tail while others were trying to get yours.  This ended in hearty laughs and giggles.  Fun for all.


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