Mr Colvin’s Class Tries Chinese Jump Bands

chineseJumpBandsThe weather was dry and warm for February 25th.  While many people across the country are experiencing snow we were free to play on the grass today.  The kids in Mr. Colvin’s 5th grade class tried Chinese Jump Bands in which they had to create a patten with a partner to jump.  It is much like Tinikling which is done with bamboo poles.  There was one group that did a great job of finding a creative way to work the bands and I hope to see them show the class next time we meet.  Other’s discovered that this was challenging and that they like traditional sports more.  It is good for students to learn there are many ways to get exercise besides team sports.  As an adult it can be difficult to find a group of people to make a team.   Although some students would love to play the same three games all year long the PE community looks to provide a variety of experiences to growing students.  The hope is that at least one will resonate with them and that they can find their way to connect with their inter-athlete.


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