New Bean Bags

Today was the first day of the monster face bean bag game.  The younger grades are working on the object control skill of “tossing.”  As student’s take aim at the hula hoop target they step forward with the left foot (if tossing with right hand)  and release the bag with the timing to have the bag make it to the hoop.  These bags were specially made by a donator for our students.

photoThe 4th and 5th graders are working on the Traverse Wall, Tetherball and Kickball Stations.  All of this is gives a chance to practice negotiation skills that help students learn to play well with others.

Current events had us looking at a map of the USA and talking about what states teams such as the Sea Hawks and the Green Bay are located.  Several students in Ms Brenen’s class made a connection with a past student, Zoe. Because of that they know someone from the state the Packers are from, Wisconsin.  After the controversy of the deflated balls in a play off football game we talked about how balls and tires deflate naturally in cold weather and why.

As long as the projector was up and running we danced a scattered square dance .  Parents of younger students might want to practice at home.




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