Happy New Year

Welcome home!  I want to welcome you all back to our Lewis Family. The younger children will begin the new year playing Frogger a game that children have to navigate and flee from being tagged by children playing the part of snakes, alligators and frogs.  The goal is to pick up a beanbag across the gym and return without being tagged.  So far it has been a hit with the k-2nd graders.  The older students have begun Kickball.  First working on One Base Kickball so that they have plenty of time on task and no lines to keep everyone active.  Moving toward a large game that might be a lunch time alternative to Capture the Flag.  Time will tell as like most things.  Best of all we are here and giving our best efforts to improve fitness, develop behaviors that help student succeed and have fun.

The milers club continues to Tuesday’s right after school and students and parents are welcome to walk or jog as many laps as they wish before heading home.  This is a great way for students to burn off a little energy after sitting in class so much of their day.  I am also impressed by how much the students enjoy the personal attention of an adult taking time to walk or jog even just one lap with them.  One lap doesn’t take long and kids can open up and really talk…it is “quality time.”


About pe4CreativeScience

Teaching k-8 physical education at Creative Science School. This is a special focus school where children learn by doing. Previously I was at Lewis and my site is being updated. Follow me on Twitter at GymJumpRun.
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