What is Kinetic Energy?

With our new Jump Ropes that light up the kids have had questions about what makes them run.  This has sparked a conversation about Kinetic Energy.  I had to look this up to remember.  I thought others might be interested in what we learned.

There are two types of energy:

  • potential (or stored energy)
  • kinetic (or energy in motion)

Kinetic Energy is energy in motion. Moving water and wind are examples of kinetic energy. Electricity is kinetic energy because even though you can’t see it happen, electricity involves electrons moving in a conductor.

Potential Energy is stored (or latent). Energy can be stored in many ways: a gallon of gasoline or a barrel of oil contains stored energy; a lake in the mountains contains “stored” energy because if it were released, it would do a lot of “work.” When we talk about oil, coal, wood, or gas, we are talking about “stored” energy.DSC_0108

For a really neat website with more info for kids go to: http://www.fplsafetyworld.com/?ver=kkblue&utilid=fplforkids&id=16168


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