Tuesday Feb 19th

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Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd graders had physical education today.  We practiced some square dance moves to prepare for this Friday night’s family dance.  The kids mostly smiled and got a kick of acting like cowboys and girls.

We practice shooting basket and dribbling basketballs.  Many students made baskets for the first time.  The students were all able to make baskets because they had a variety of hoop heights to choose from.  We use the traditional tall baskets and modified others by hanging hula hoops from the rim to provide a lowered target.  To ensure success we also had the use of 4 and 5 foot hoops.  The 3rd graders especially enjoy dunking on the smaller hoops.  🙂



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Teaching k-8 physical education at Creative Science School. This is a special focus school where children learn by doing. Previously I was at Lewis and my site is being updated. Follow me on Twitter at GymJumpRun.
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